Specialized Welding

Trillion Industries is both knowledgeable and experienced in most standard welding processes including Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW), Gas metal Arc (GMAW, FCAW), Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Fuel-gas and low temperature brazing/ bonding. However the Team at Trillion Industries specializes in TIG welding non-ferrous materials (Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Nickel) in thicknesses ranging from .007” to over 1” inch. Developing standards and new techniques for repairing various casts (iron, magnesium and aluminum), dissimilar metals and metals with deteriorated condition is a frequent part of the specialty.

Precision Machining

Trillion Industries can manage both small manual and CNC machining and material removal in house or through one of their trusted partners. Machining can be one of the biggest steps in the fabrication process so it is important to be done right. Keeping tabs on tolerance, efficiency and quality not only produces a great finished product but can also reduce the costs associated with machining. Trillion Industries understands this and maintains an active role in the process.

Modification & Repair

A spin-off of the O&G sector in Alberta, Calgary has become a center for innovation and technology. This has created a need for service and production companies to meet the constant changing landscape of manufacturing and sustainability. Operations of all scopes have relied on Trillion Industries to keep their equipment running, up to date and modified to changing conditions. The other side of this coin is the motor-sports world where the team has been modifying and repairing everything from motorcycle frames to sports car engine blocks.

Design Services

You have a great idea. Maybe you need something manufactured. Or you know what you want but just not sure how to go about the fabrication process. Trillion Industries can help. Whether it’s a solution to a design flaw or a full step manufacturing process, the team has the experience and imagination to see it through. Pen and Paper, solid modeling, prototyping and fabrication process mixed with vision and collaboration will turn your ideas into reality.

Expert Fabrication

With over 16 years of practical experience in material handling and manufacturing, Trillion Industries is now considered one of the few places in Alberta and Western Canada that can manage the more challenging aspects of fabrication. Maintaining an excellent relationship with suppliers in laser cutting, water-jet, machining and specialty parts allows the team at Trillion Industries to focus on results and new technology solutions. Many of Trillion Industries’ clients have sought out fabrication and manufacturing in other countries and find that in order for their standard of quality and reliability to be realized, Trillion Industries had to be the one doing the work. Intelligent and expert fabrication from the team that won’t settle for less.

3D Solid Modeling

You no longer need the weight of a million dollar business to see your ideas work before money is wasted in the design process. Learn more about how your products work and the right manufacturing needs for your designs in a virtual environment. Skilled in 3 dimensional solid modeling, the Trillion team can translate ideas to working virtual models with engineering data that can be sent directly to their partners for machining or cutting.



Projects Completed


Custom Designs


Redbulls Consumed


  • Meet & Discuss
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Deliver

Call us today or use the contact page on the website to start the conversation. Bring your idea, repair or part to the shop and let’s talk about what you need so we can get started. Or, if your project is big and requires greater input and planning, we are happy to schedule a time after peak work hours to give your project the attention it deserves.

Maybe you have something ready to produce or simply just the idea. This is the point where we sort out the fabrication detail, develop the vision and agree on a clear outcome. With a clear scope and appropriate time-lines, the goal is to be on the same page and to understand the challenges and finished product before start of fabrication.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding a new way to make a repair and sometimes there is a need to prototype. Big or small, every job will have a process required to produce the best (and economical) results. Working models, virtual solid modeling, sketches on paper or even just basic math, the more creative input to a job the better the outcome.

Our attention to detail in the manufacturing, fabrication and repair end are just as meticulous as the process leading up to it. Your completed project or repair should meet or exceed your expectations and when budget and parameters allow, we will go beyond that. Packaging, delivery and installation (in shop) as required on a per-project basis.


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