Who We Are

Derek Pauletto

For nearly 25 years now, Derek Pauletto has been blazing a path for himself in the custom fabrication industry. Anyone who has met Derek can agree that his passion for metal fabrication and design gives his work more of a craftsmanship quality than just a finished product.

Derek’s positive spirit and restless imagination pushes his work past ordinary manufacturing and design. This unique energy continues to deliver bright ideas and solutions to fabrication, with an emphasis on delivering the best results for Derek’s clients and partners alike. Derek splits his time between his kids, being a great friend to many, and running Trillion Industries.


From concept to design, to reality, TRILLION INDUSTRIES has built an international reputation for innovative creations and unsurpassed quality. Featuring expert fabrication, modification and repair plus 3-D solid modeling, precision machining and specialized welding; your possibilities are endless. Centrally located in the Manchester business area of Calgary, Trillion Industries continues to be your source for product manufacturing and one-stop solution in design fabrication.

Jonathan Kapitan

Jonathan’s desire for quality finished product may be exceeded only by his obsession for attention to detail. Every step of fabrication from material handling to assembly to welding; Jonathan maintains the finesse and control to produce exceptional results for our clients and partners.

When not welding or fabricating, Jonathan has his hands in the mechanical work and discussing the minutia of data that accompanies it. Jonathan lives in Calgary, loves to travel with his wife, loves his motorcycles and has been Derek’s right-hand man for 5 years now.

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