New Rear-End (Feb 2020)

This time of the year is generally quiet but happy to say we are still busy. Looking at long-term project goals for the year, the Trillion Racing team is looking forward to going back to Bonneville for BMST at the end of August. This last year was good to get back out and shake the dust off so now it’s time to buckle-down and get serious to break our established record. However the big change is the bike (Project Raquel) will be getting a new suspended rear-end this year. The problem with having a hard tail is conditions on the Salt can vary so much and in a bad year the track itself can develop so many bumps and undulations that you now have spend all of your energy just staying on the bike let-alone keeping it straight and fast. Derek found a Ducati single-sided rear swing-arm which will now be grafted on to the Triump. Can it be done? Build pictures and final completion of bike to follow in the coming months.