Bigger and Better in 2020

What can we say but thank you 2019! This was such a great year for Trillion Industries with so much good work, new relationships built and a few pieces of history written. Work in Calgary is changing but for the better and we have managed to go with the flow and adapt to the needs of our clients. New processes and new technology has helped us to be more efficient, more affordable and for the quality of our work to remain high. We have really strengthened our previous relationships and built new ones this year and are very excited for where these will lead. There is some very cool and interesting work out there and it’s sometimes no longer a job when you get to do the research and learn new ways to manufacture or repair stuff. 

Can’t forget about the notable projects and events Trillion was a part of this year, specifically the Bonneville Salt Flats with great friends and family. SEMA was amazing this year and was the perfect opportunity to learn about new equipment and resources for use in business as Trillion grows as a technology service company.

The Team at Trillion Industries would like to thank all of their loyal customers, vendors, suppliers, friends and family and wish you all as safe and healthy 2020. 2019 was a big year but 2020 will be like no other, we are sure of it. We can’t wait to be even closer to our clients and new connections, we are looking forward to traveling even more for business and projects especially internationally as these days it is just so easy to move about the world. We want to see your faces and know that the work we are doing will help you breath-freely and reduce stress. It is an exciting time to live barrier-free and as a society, live in such a free-thinking world, where we can trust in government and the media. 2020 will bring a stronger economy and business will flourish and we will be right there to work closely with our partners and clients. We are very excited for 2020, this is our year and some great things are to come. Nothing can slow us or stop us now; life is going to be very interesting in the coming year.